About Us

     Pink Luxury Toys Ltd Liability Co. 💕was founded by a fearless woman. We believe everyone is beautiful and confident in their own right and we strive to break the stigma around self pleasure/masturbation.

       Self pleasure is a form of stress relief and we want to help you relieve the every day stressors of life with our line of carefully curated adult toys. 

Exude Confidence 🌹.

       My name is Rasheena W. and I am the founder of Pink Luxury Toys. I am mom of one and a lady that likes her peace. I have a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and aspire to be an Ob/GYN. 

      I walk with my head held high and own every room I walk into. I guess you can call this exuding confidence. I hope to inspire you all to do the same. I hope to inspire you all to be confident in who you are and know that everything you need is inside of you, even when the world tries to convince you otherwise ✨💕.

We’re Diamonds Hunny, We don’t break 💎💎.




Sheena 🌹