What is self-care?



 Self-care is the practice of acting to maintain or improve one’s health. The definition of self-care taken from the World Health Organization in 1998 is

“Self-Care is what people do for themselves to establish and maintain health, and to prevent and deal with illness. It is a broad concept encompassing hygiene (general and personal), nutrition (type and quality of food eaten), lifestyle (sporting activities, leisure etc), and self-medication.”

       I think today self-care has really come to the forefront in the age of social media. It is so easy to become burnt out with all of the stressors of life and pressures to look and act a certain way.

        Self-care is the act of taking care of the person that is most important and vital to your survival, which is you. Self-care can be eating healthier, working out, going outside, being in nature, playing your favorite sport or just staying home to eat and watch Netflix. Practicing self-care is about doing what makes you happy. It is about resetting yourself so that you can be well rested for all of the BS that might happen later down the line.

        Self-care is important to me because it allows me to reflect on myself and my values. It allows me to stand true in who I am and to relieve any unwanted stress. We as women and humans work so hard. Whether that is working a 9-5, taking care of children, or running a business. It is vital to your success to take a break and care for her.

         For busy women, create a day that you can do one thing that you like to do that resets you. On Sunday’s I schedule time to wash my hair and take a hot bubble bath. You can also schedule multiple self-care activities throughout the week. This can be waking up early in the morning and meditating, working out, sitting in the park after work and being in nature, or going out for drinks with your girlfriends on a Friday night and sleeping in on Saturday morning.

          Self-care in 2020 is reflecting on yourself and seeing what is most important to you. Do not feel bad for taking a break. It is vital to keep yourself going. A car without gas will not move. Happy loving!




                                                                                                      Sheena 💕 




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